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Positive Care Consultancy

Positive Care Consultancy provides advice and support to children and young people’s residential care providers in the public, voluntary and private sectors.

Positive Care Consultancy is based in Portsmouth and Hampshire with consultants able to travel to wherever suits the needs of your organisation/service.

We believe in driving change to support and guide children and young people to achieve and attain positive outcomes. To be able to do this we believe that all children and young people have the right to live in an environment that respects their individuality, supports positive life experiences to develop positive relationships.

The underpinning belief is that children and young people should live in a home free from bias and with support from adults that is nurturing and child focused and to have positive and proactive role models who not only support but protect and guide to make positive outcomes.

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Michelle Hanney

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Senior Consultant

About the team:
We are a team of self-employed highly qualified and motivated Social Care professionals who are committed to quality and excellence. We have a wealth of experiences with our team such as Residential Managers/Directors/Quality leads/Business Leadership and management Chartered managers/Regulation 44 Independent persons/Advocacy and Mentoring. We will match your needs to one of our team to ensure we meet your desired outcome.

The Team
All self-employed personnel are matched to meet your requirements. Prior to undertaking any “work” for you Positive Care Consultancy will share with you their CV/ photograph and DBS details thus ensuring you are confident of the match. All personnel have agreed to the sharing of information with you.

Please contact us on enquiries@positivecareconsultancy.co.uk for further information.

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